Format/Recover External USB Drive Under Linux as MS-DOS file system

1. First Insert USB/Flash drive into Linux operating system


With Window Operating System Refer

2. Open the terminal (Ubuntu Shortcut: ALT+CLT+T)

3. Locate USB/Flash drive which you want to format with system utility df as shown

$ sudo df

This command will list down all file system used in computer. The Disk /dev/sdb1 reflects the USB drive here.

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Bugzilla Setup with Apache / Nginx and Mysql

# How to install Bugzilla on Ubuntu / Debian


Ubuntu/Debian is already installed and configured on machine.


Bugzilla Home Page

Here are the main steps:

Install Perl(5.8.1 or above)
Install MySQL
Install Web-server Apache2/Nginx
Install Bugzilla 4.X
Install Perl modules
Bugzilla using Apache2 and Nginx

1. Perl
Verify if Perl is installed:

$ perl -v

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