Recover Unallocated / Missing Space on External USB Drive Using Windows Diskpart

# First run diskpart as administrator ( search diskpart and run as administrator ) Execute the following commands at the command prompt one-by-one


Running Diskpart as Administrator

1. list disk

This command will list all the hard disks attached with your computer including the removable drive. The Disk 1 reflects the USB drive generally.

2. select disk 1

This command will select the USB disk.

3. clean

The above command deletes all the partitions at the selected disk;  here the USB drive (any External Drive connected using USB).

4. create partition primary

This command creates a new primary partition, allocated with the total available space on your disk.


Diskpart command line utility

# Also we can Format new drive using this utilty

5. select partition 1

# This command will format the disk in NTFS format.

6. format fs=ntfs quick  

Step 5 & 6 which is skipped, If you can manually create new partition & format a drive easily using window Disk management.

My-Computer–>Select Manage form Right Menu (as admin) –> Select Disk Management


Window Disk Management

For Details Description of Diskpart Command Line Utility Go to Microsoft site.


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