Docker Who ??

Docker is a computer program that performs operating system level virtualization, also known as “containerization”.

Q. Advantages that Containerization provides over virtualization?

  1. Containers provide real-time provisioning and scalability but Virtual Machine’s (VM) provide slow provisioning.
  2. Containers are lightweight when compared to VMs.
  3. VMs have limited performance when compared to containers.
  4. Containers have better resource utilization compared to VMs.

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Format/Recover External USB Drive Under Linux as MS-DOS file system

1. First Insert USB/Flash drive into Linux operating system


With Window Operating System Refer

2. Open the terminal (Ubuntu Shortcut: ALT+CLT+T)

3. Locate USB/Flash drive which you want to format with system utility df as shown

$ sudo df

This command will list down all file system used in computer. The Disk /dev/sdb1 reflects the USB drive here.

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Bugzilla Setup with Apache / Nginx and Mysql

# How to install Bugzilla on Ubuntu / Debian


Ubuntu/Debian is already installed and configured on machine.


Bugzilla Home Page

Here are the main steps:

Install Perl(5.8.1 or above)
Install MySQL
Install Web-server Apache2/Nginx
Install Bugzilla 4.X
Install Perl modules
Bugzilla using Apache2 and Nginx

1. Perl
Verify if Perl is installed:

$ perl -v

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Recover Unallocated / Missing Space on External USB Drive Using Windows Diskpart

# First run diskpart as administrator ( search diskpart and run as administrator ) Execute the following commands at the command prompt one-by-one


Running Diskpart as Administrator

1. list disk

This command will list all the hard disks attached with your computer including the removable drive. The Disk 1 reflects the USB drive generally.

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How to Configure Nginx Server from scratch on Ubuntu


Nginx is a opensource High Performance HTTP web server and Reverse proxy server which is installed between the network and the application to offload concurrency processing, URL switching, HTTP load-balancing, SSL termination, caching, and security policies.

Step 1: Install Nginx on Ubuntu

# updating apt package
sudo apt-get update

#install nginx
sudo apt-get install nginx

#start nginx
sudo service nginx start

#update the system init script 
#which start/stop service as daemons
sudo update-rc.d nginx defaults

If all goes well , Try http://your.server.ip/ you will see a page like shown below

Nginx welcome page

Nginx welcome page

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Jmeter Basic – Load Testing

The Apache JMeter desktop application is open source software, pure Java application designed to load test functional behaviour and measure performance.

Features of JMeter :-

1. JMeter helpful in making and Executing Test plans like simulate logging into a web site, simulate middle-ware and Database jobs , Generate and Automate real time application (Desktop/Mobile) scenarios etc.

2. Also helpful in simulating the number of users doing this, the rate at witch they do it.

3. It also helps for regression test by creating Assertions (Checkpoints) using regular expressions.

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